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Why is GetSurveyApp awesome for you?

1 Rich reporting

We provide simple reporting and filtering for all the data collected. It is really easy to get an overview with slick pie charts, bar charts and tables. We also provide exporting of the data to excel.

2 Nested questions

With the power of nested (conditional) questions, you can generate your own question tree to create meaningful workflows. We provide simple question types - simple input (number, text), single select, multiple select, yes/no and matrix. With the mix and match of these, you can come up with really good surveys.

3 Mobile and offline access

Our mobile applications gives you the ability to access the data anywhere, even in a jungle! You can collect the data and sync it when you have the internet connectivity.

You don't need to install our mobile apps in order to use GetSurveyApp, we provide a nice web interface with which your users can answer questions and sync it. Do checkout our Android and iOS apps, they are awesome!

4 Location tracking

With each survey, you can enable location tracking. It simply collects the location of the user and presents it in a nice map, with which you can do some cool stuff.

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